A Chat With Diminutive Arthur

We had a chat with Diminutive Arthur, electronic low-fi/hiphop artist to discuss his new project "WAYS OF SEEING", future projects and most importantly... butties.

We love the creative use of samples implemented throughout your album “WAYS OF SEEING”, especially the vocal samples from John Berger. Was there a reason you based your project around this?

I had the idea for a while. I got given the book a few years ago from a friend and naturally got on to the tv series not long after. As I started to dig more into it I realised that a lot of it also reflected on the music Ive been making. The way we see and hear shit. So many layers with paintings it's just like making a beat in some ways. I felt like the blend of samples and the message they had worked really well over the beats.

Have you got a favourite piece of hardware, and if so, what makes it your favourite?

Were there any artists which inspired you during the making of the album?

Oh man, I have a few for sure. The SP-555 always holds a special place in my heart, the effects and looper is crazy, the isolation and lo-fi comp bangs. Recently I've been fucking with the MPC Live 2 and the stylophone gen X. I'm tryna go back to basics with it, no computer or DAW. Raw shit!

Have you got a specific creative process that you follow when composing? -

Not really, I just go with the flow. It changes all the time. It always starts with a 4 bar loop though. Lately I've been making like 10 drum patterns a day and then going off that. I'll normally put a bunch of records on and just sample everything a I like and pick the best bits. I've been mainly sampling gospel at the minute. I've been heavy on a dude called Andrea Crouch and a group compilation record called "The sounds of darkness". I don't wanna give too many gems away lol. TV and films help me a lot with the creative process, especially during this lockdown period. I'm big on a lot of British dramas, don't ask why, I'm still figuring that one out for myself.

Were there any artists which inspired you during the making of the album?

I completed the project around the time doom died so I was bumping a lot of his stuff, BORN LIKE THIS especially. Bandana by Gibbs and Madlib, The Alchemist and Knxlwedge were both on heavy rotation aswell.

Is there anything currently in the pipeline that you’re working on which you would be able to share with us?

I've got an EP coming out at the end of may, 7 tracks or so, gonna have a limited batch of cassettes for sale with that. I'm constantly working on music it's just a case of how I wanna present things, I'm real particular when it comes to putting shit out lol

And finally... favourite butty?

Chip butty. Carbs on carbs!

-Diminutive Arthur-

-Max Facchinello-


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