atmos bloom - Self Titled - EP Review

atmos bloom are Manchester’s newest dream pop duo, featuring Manchestrer’s Tilda Gratton and Curtis Paterson. What started as a side project to their main role playing in The Surfing Pointers has already begun to make waves. The Lo-fi recording of their self-titled EP has already earned them a feature on Underground England.

For something created throughout the lockdowns and isolations of 2020 ‘Just another Day’ is ethereal in delivery. Beginning how they mean to go on atmos bloom deliver snare forward drums rolling underneath the ambient noises of birdsong and chorus laden reverbed guitar riffs that dreams are made of.

Recorded after the easing of restrictions in their studio space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter atmos bloom is a project that should be of great interest of bands like Beach Fossils, CASTLEBEAT and Fazerdaze. Written as a method of escapism from 2020 this project is perfect for anyone wanting to escape their own individual boredom of University work, isolation or lockdown.

‘blueberry eyes’ is my personal favourite track of the EP, the way that the vocal track and guitar blend together seamlessly deliver a professional sound often aimed for yet not achieved within Lo-fi.

Beginning with the lyric “waiting for something to happen” the EP’s third track encapsulates the feeling of many of Manchester’s youth throughout this year. As a track ‘hide’ is reminiscent of a summer’s day in Platts Field park, bright yet warm enough to drift away into a content doze.

‘salts’ finishes off the project with the best vocal layering of the project, over a twinkling guitar riff and snare forward drums. Pushing the sing through its lo-fi sounds and ambience.

atmos bloom fall into the category of a band that you discover that don’t need to change for fans to fall in love with them, they just need to be heard. They type of band that’s sound isn’t just new and interesting but authentic and inspired, only hindered by their outreach and I expect big things from them in the future. Hopefully soon they’ll be on Manchester’s circuit playing gigs making a perfect addition to any socially distanced line-up.


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