Cable Car Disaster - 'I Broke My Synthesizer' - Track Review

A solo project which you could say was built from limitations straining from a stolen DAW, one microphone and, as the title explains, broken instruments. Nevertheless, this is what all in all makes ‘I Broke My Synthesizer’ so effective. Although the track was affected by these limitations it by no means gets in the way of filling out every nook and cranny of the atmosphere while never becoming overly messy.

Due to the one microphone issue, the low quality recordings end up creating this explosive feed of forceful noise to help tell Cable Car Disaster’s heartbreaking love story between himself and a synth which has sadly passed. Ironically I believe a synthesizer would end up overwhelming the track if implemented. Maybe this is the deeper message, the things we loved and are now no longer in our lives may have not actually been good for us? Or his synthesizer just broke.

His sound can be seen similar to the harshness moments of Neutral Milk Hotel as well as occasionally minimising the sound to Violent Femmes. This track is a clear example of how bedroom recorded lockdown projects should be done and I truly hope that Cable Car Disaster continues the dissonance and commotion in later projects as it's a rare sight to see someone nail their sound within the first single.

-Max Facchinello-


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