DEAFDEAFDEAF - ‘Odes’ - Track Review

Over at SPEW, we have all been keeping our eye on post-punk band DEAFDEAFDEAF as we were utterly impressed with their relentless and vivid previous releases ‘Nothingness’ and ‘Bodies’ - their latest single is no exception. ‘Odes’ embraces an atmospheric approach to its instrumentation which works perfectly alongside the vocal pain of turmoil that expresses the mundane nature and unfair lives we are forced to comprehend. The Band perfectly executes a range of dynamic levels throughout the track knowing just when to throw an abundant amount of harsh noise at you resulting in an all more powerful feeling of intensity, something many new bands in this scene need to learn how to do. DEAFDEAFDEAF are able to create this conduit between conventional post-punk bands crossed between The Chameleons cavernous nature and underlying despondency of Bauhaus while successfully bringing this sound into a contemporary spotlight.

“Odes' is an accumulation of all the ideas and sounds we've worked on previously brought into what we think is our best song yet” - vocalist Nathan Hill

DEAFDEAFDEAF have already secured a few gigs this year alongside supporting acts such as Slap Rash and PERMO: Tickets can be found here.

You can click here to listen to their new release "Odes" which is out TODAY!

-Max Facchinello-


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