Fainter – 'In Reverse' - Track Review

In Reverse, a fresh single released by the two-piece band, Fainter, as of last month has Spew hitting repeat. The band has a protruding sense of that organic authenticity that many musicians on the Manchester music scene seem to grasp and this is truly reflected within the track. The aethereal, breathless and whispery vocals intertwine with the guitar as if this is a routine they’ve danced since the beginning of time, consequently providing listeners with a relaxed listen, building foundations for reminiscers and day dreamers alike. The instrumental aspects seem to rhythmically resemble soothing waves adding to a relaxed vibe. As the wave draws back and flows forward again, we are experiencing an array of enticing visuals. With a montage of various archived videos, some appear to be home videos while others just evidence of everyday life; both bringing about a comfort of familiarity adding to the relaxed aspect of the track overall.

-Shania Hardcastle


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