Foxglove - 'Bright Lights' - Track Review

I was lucky enough to get an exclusive listen to Indie Pop band Foxglove’s new single ‘Bright Lights’’. I watched this band live at The Castle Hotel last year with a performance that was full of energy and high spirits that matched their material. Their new track takes influences from the likes of Prince’s Purple Rain album which strongly permeates throughout the track and rejuvenated with a pop flair comparable to The 1975 vibe. With Impressive melismatic vocals that strike out above the instrumentation in a dramatic way, they complement the track’s themes of memories being blinded with only the best times and covering up the worst ones that were there. ‘Bright Lights’ is ignited with powerful uplifting whirls of stretched guitar sounds that glitter throughout the track. Its impactful 80s style drums are full of cavernous reverb that lets the bass adventure out on its own accord. ‘Bright Lights’ beams to the listener an uproar of a galvanised state into action which defines what the group is about.

- Max Facchinello - 


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