Hayes & Y - 'The Times' - Track Review

It has been quite the dreariest month I have had for some time while steadily waiting for the moment I can once again experience some sort of social happiness, maybe that’s just me… Nevertheless, I've been spring cleaning my Spotify and trying to find songs that don't make me feel as depressed as a Joy Division tribute band.

Indie synth-pop band Hayes & Y’s new single ‘The Times’ Is boozed with exhilaration and disco flare that I have currently been in search of. ‘The Times’ is packed with intertwining rhythmic ideas that are achieved from the funky bass-lines and bouncing drums which lay out the foundations for the rest of the elements. The transition from the roaring to the rhythmic, palm-muted guitar enables space for these well-executed vocal harmonies to shine out. Something I have noticed with similar bands is they can overuse the synth, consequently making their tracks muddy with no variation in texture. However, Hayes & Y carefully implement the synthetic glitz and reserve it for the uplifting moments the song needs. With this being the first of three singles to be released over the coming months, I am intrigued to see what is next to come. This song is a perfect play as we move into a much happier and hopeful time. Wait what! The lyrics are about watching the world end and turn into a post-apocalyptic wasteland?!

-Max Facchinello-


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