James Hartley - 'What I Gotta Do?' - Track Review

Upcoming singer/songwriter James Hartley from Bury Is hitting harder than ever with his new release “What I Gotta Do?”. With the infusion of inspiration from the likes of Madchester's pioneers The Charlatans and Oasis. He transforms that 90s sound into a modernized 2020 indie rock scene with even sprinkles of boppy funk elements. The track grabs your attention from the get go with a catchy funk like syncopated bass line complemented nicely with a tight drum beat, yet explodes into a power wall of noise once the lead guitar kicks in.

The contrast between the syncopated ideas and steady rock rhythms surprisingly work well throughout the track with well sung Mancunian vocals keeping everything together underlied with the use of delay on James' voice which helps the track flow nicely from verse to pre chorus. Once the chorus kicks in we finally get that powerful sound we were previously teased with and it is truly worth it. Once you think the track cannot get any more robust James keeps adding to the solid forcefulness till the very end. Juxtaposing the contradictory Gallagher calling cards of Liam front swagger and Noel's cool delivery, James imbues modernity in his vocals, with a Mancunian nod to trailblazers gone by. Speaking to James, after he recently took a break from music, I am glad to hear he is now back writing and rehearsing ready for when he can once again perform.

- Max Facchinello -


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