Lissy Daisy - 'Prairie Gentian' - EP Review

Recently moved from the outskirts of rural Lancashire into the contrary concrete landscape of Manchester, Lissy Daisy brings along with her the short but sweet project ‘Prairie Gentian’. The EP’s first track “ I Guess I’ll Go” starts with her eloquent, melodic vocals that are attentively backed up with smooth harmonies, relaxed drums and a whirling guitar which when all placed together creates this soft blanket of warmth that radiates throughout the track. The last two songs “Anything Will Do If It’s You” and “What Do I Know?” establish a more raw approach in comparison to the first track that shapes a beauty between her soft vocals and acoustic guitar. This enables Lissy to truly let her lyrical storytelling shine through and take you on a journey that starts with hopefulness and ends in perplexity. Speaking with Lissy, she says that she has been working on plenty of new ideas for future releases however is yet to record them. Nevertheless, I am curious to see what she has yet to show.

You can find her music here

-Max Facchinello-


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