Loose Articles - 'Buses' - Track Review

If for some reason you are a raving fan of Transport for Greater Manchester, this track is definitely not for you. However, if you are familiar with uncomfortable P.D.A. couples, delays and LADS LADS LADS ruining your public transport experience this will be right up your street. Post-punk 4 piece Loose Articles capture the discomfort of buses in their aggressive natured, yet humorous, single ‘Buses’ which finds itself placed between the likes of Slaves and Elastica. Although simplistic, it's nasty bass, peppering hi-hats and 60s surf-like guitars complement the clamoured vocals which navigate you through a distressing journey. At the end of the track, the band finally reward you with that well-waited punch of dirty noise while proclaiming “I HATE...”, I think you get the picture.

-Max Facchinello-


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