Marc Todd - 'Feel Like A Hurricane' - Track Review

I was sent exclusive access to ‘Feel like a Hurricane’ from Indie-folk artist Marc Todd. Listening to Marc’s previous release ‘Always, I Know’, this one definitely punches harder, but there is only one way of explaining the feeling of this as fuck. A vibe of Kasabian that at the same time, would pique anyone's interest at the local hootenanny. A raw instrumental drags you into the track, uplifts you into a flowing chorus of harmonies and kicks you right back with the harshness of a forceful, vibrato packed guitar. Speaking to Marc about the inspiration behind the lyrics, he aimed to express the ideas of changes and a fresh new start, thoughts which I know many of us have been pondering on while locked away. With Marc’s recent signing to Glasstone Records, I am hoping to see a noticeable progression for him alongside his self-titled album that’s soon to be released in April; an album I’m intrigued to hear.

-Max Facchinello-


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