NARA - 'Fashion' - Track Review

Rife with energy and sonic wonders, meet the Manchester band who are making waves with their debut offering ‘FASHION’.

Nara are Dan, Zak, Matt and Ethan, a band brought together by wonderful happenstance, the stars aligned, and a sonic spectacle was born. Post punk meets alt rock in an energetic, passion filled brawl, with instrumentation that is boastfully second to none.

“I found myself demanding people to find themselves as I have through music and this song serves as a reminder to us that were allowed to be vulnerable with each other it’s a philosophy that has helped us grow in every way, as friends and as band workers”

Nara are the latest band to join the movement of independently releasing music, with plans to continue this with their next few songs, Dan explained that this allows them to do everything themselves and have the satisfaction of saying it’s completely their own creation and product.

As for the band name, Dan let us in on it’s origin,

the band name was really completely random, it’s a place in Japan (my dream place to visit) and also one of the best alt j songs, but we all just came to the conclusion it sounds really good, I think Matt suggested it and it just stuck’.

Produced alongside Matt Peel, the magician behind some of the Kaiser Chiefs and BDRM’s tracks, in the heart of Leeds, it was nearly impossible for this track to be anything but a sonically mystifying feat. Brimming with hooky guitars and rhythm sections intertwined in a perfect marriage, its no wonder the track received acclaim and love from no other than Manchester’s own Clint Boon, “flippin eck that was well groovy wasn’t it?”

Boasting potential and confidence, a funky bassline acts as a punky backdrop for seering vocals akin to that of No Hot Ashes. Four minutes of upbeat almost-spoken-word rants of self-introspection lead to a slow drop of echoey guitars and muttered lyrics, offering a dark undertone that suddenly springs back into life in a sprawl of perfected vocals, quick guitar plucks and energetic drums. An honourable first single.

Having played a whole host of venues including Band on the Wall and Night and Day Café, I for one can’t wait until Nara hit the road again and grace stages all around.

To keep up to date with everything NARA, follow the band on Instagram: @narabanduk

-Alannah Williams-


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