Oort Clod - 'No Shine' - Track Review

Alternative, garage punk band Oort Clod’s track “No shine” takes the 3 chords rule with its simplistic chorus and catchy vocal melody which left me mumbling “No shine No Shine No Shine overflows” throughout my day. The Vocals definitely reflect the band's name in that they evoke a cold feeling though its laid back, repetitive intonation that conjoins the tracks slightly distorted, offhand sound together well.

The verses create an interesting contrast where they lets the drums break out into a well constructed filling frenzy losing the effortless playing style of the group that's dropped for a short moment. Throughout the track it feels as though it's a Jesus And Mary Chain song but wraps up that indistinct distortion into a soft fuzzy blanket. For a more raw, organic listen to Oort Clod you can listen to their live release “Glorified Crew LIVE” on Bandcamp, recorded at The Castle Hotel.

- Max Facchinello -


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