Phoebe Green - 'Golden Girl' - Track Review

Phoebe Green - Golden Girl

Following up from her previous offering of the year, ‘Reinvent’, Phoebe Green has returned with a dark, thoughtful and honest track in ‘Golden Girl’.

I was instantly struck by the production on my initial listen, as I found myself locked into the drum and bass groove as it punched through gentle atmospheric synthesisers  Phoebe’s vocals are front and centre, adorned with a haunting vibrancy that accentuates a confidence built from vulnerability.

This sentiment can be felt throughout the track, and with lyrics like “I tried to engage, but I can’t fake it like I used to, babe”, you can’t help but be pulled into the emotional journey that is woven between lush synth leads that flow smoother than a knife through butter. This only builds as you reach the cathartic breakdown, as a chorus of “Never gonna be a, Never Gonna be a, never gonna be a golden girl’ washes over you. With an equally gorgeous music video, and the recent announcement of an EP, I can’t help but confidently anticipate greatness from Phoebe Green’s next musical venture.


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