Separator - 'Pull You Under' - Live Review

In anticipation of Separator (formerly Alex Rave and the Sceptical) releasing a full performance in the coming week, I had the pleasure of reviewing one of the tracks early.

Doused in deep red lights and mist, the ambience of the environment is perfectly tailored to the brooding desperation and grit found in ‘Pull You Under’.

The psychedelic soundscape of cascading guitar and synths is intoxicating when partnered up with Alex’s tortured vocals and the marching step of the drums. It forms an almost trance like backbone to the song, holding you steady as the rest of the sonic chaos continues.

The juxtaposition of the band and their stoic demeanour and Alex’s frantic presence results in a captivating watch, that leaves you wanting more.

Separator's full show will be out on November 13th. You will want to set a reminder.

You can find the band on Instagram here -


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