Suave Martyrs - 'Cascades Of Gold' - Track Review

I may be late to stumble upon the indie band called Suave Martyrs, but oh boy am I glad to hear some freshness in Manchester which isn't milking the Gallaghers. Their recently psyched up single ‘Cascades Of Gold’ is packed with interesting, intertwining, upbeat rhythms with a catchy guitar melody which when all put together, bounces like a child on his 7th fruit shoot. Different moods spike out from this song and are well executed in a way that smoothly transitions from one section to the other. The highlight of this track is indeed these funky elements Suave Martyrs have implemented, and it is this more funked-up approach that truly lets them showcase the tightness the group are capable of. This is one of those songs that when heard live I wouldn’t feel like a knob boogying to, and you can hold me to that. One thing I would say though is it wouldn't hurt for some more cowbell... And yes I hate myself for saying that.

-Max Facchinello-


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