The Battery Farm - Artist Spotlight

The great thing about Manchester is that it caters for a wild variety of artists who are at home in the city, honing their craft without paying attention to how it’ll be received on an industrial basis. Of course, there is a side to the city where musicians divulge in corporate pursuits of a pristine image with the clean as a whistle tracks to match, and while there’s no right or wrong to either of these types of pursuits, they can clash heads.

‘Artistic integrity’ or lack of, is batted around quite a lot in this debate, and if you listen to the gutter punk music of ‘The Battery Farm’ - they own this title with bells on. Genuine in their output, honest in their lyrics and would much rather not pay mind to their ‘image’, they’re striving to be as bare boned as you can get in 2021. In the age of using digital media to show how genuine your personality is, it’s all so contradictory in itself, and you have to respect artists like The Battery Farm who do everything they can to push against this with the odds so massively out of their favour. Their most recent EP ‘Endless Unstoppable Pain :-)’ was released in November last year, and shows that the art of expression is at the forefront of everything they do. They describe this expression in their bio as “A guttural cry against a violent world, whose songs are born of that violence.”

Their lyrics are cynical, suspicious and littered with painful truths; while the music is dark, jarring and discordant. They couldn’t be happier.

-Matty Dagger-


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