The Covasettes - 'Modern Rapunzel' - Track Review

'Modern Rapunzel' is a perfect fit for your indie rock playlist that's bound to fill the air of our hopeful summer with our mates and open spaces. Artists from the likes of Circa Waves and Declan McKenna permeate throughout this track with their huge uplifting sound that hits you within the first 5 seconds. As there is less time for the band to perform they have said that “We’re in a period now where there’s less pressure on us to release music so we wanted to bide our time and keep writing new music until we had a song that blew us all away”. It has always been clear that The Covasettes could write up a great indie anthem demonstrated with their past works such as in ‘It's Always Sunny Above the Clouds’. However, in comparison with their previous releases, one thing that clearly stands out here is the amount of effort placed into the production which overall enlivens the bands sound (all thanks to their bassist Jamie). Now, with both writing and production nailed down, there’s no telling how far The Covasettes could go.

-Max Facchinello-


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