The Goa Express – ‘Second Time’ – Track Review

The Contemporaneous psych rock band The Goa Express are a group who had been snatched up and enthused by the Manchester music scene while never forgetting the roots of the nearby towns such as Burnley and Todmorden that initially ignited their creative fuel. While The Goa Express first started performing above a local vintage shop kindly approved by its eternal optimist owner, the lads are now announcing tour dates up and down the UK from Glasgow to Southampton and here in Manchester’s YES.

Alongside their recent tour dates comes along their new captivating and upbeat release ‘Second Time’, which compared to their previous tracks, has mellowed out some of the grittiness and garage rock commodities the band are renowned to project. The flowing melodies, beautiful backing vocals and smooth rhythm section slowly bring the track up as a whole in order to release this powerful and uplifting punch of a final chorus that’s slightly teased mid-way through the track. The stylistic choice to create a more laidback track benefits the lyrical content of teenage flaws and how we develop and grow from them. The band consequently execute a comfortable musical space for the listener to reminisce teenage memories within: and a well-needed space in order to let us truly contemplate the subject.

The Goa Express have added yet another banger to their growing discography while still keeping fresh during a mundane time. ‘Second Time’ can be found here as well as their UK tour dates here which I am absolutely buzzin for.

-Max Facchinello-


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