TINFOILS - 'How Do You Sleep At Night' - Track Review

TINFOILS’ latest release, the bright and driving ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’, arrives just in time for Summer. ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’ feels nostalgic whilst remaining fresh; a fine balance the three piece nail every time.

A pocket sized two-and-a-half-minute song, ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’ boasts driving bass and playful lyricism. The vocal stylings of singer George capture the iconic Manchester post-punk sound and dance effortlessly over the gluey rounded bass. There’s a definite energy in ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’ that compels the listener to get up and move - dusting off those quarantine cobwebs. Despite its length, the tune takes the listener on a zesty auditory journey full of jingles, cymbals and punchy vocals; coming down towards the end with a Jim Morrison style vocal over gentle acoustic guitar.

Produced by none other than Eoghan Clifford of Cabbage fame, the single sounds delightfully polished yet subtly nods to the DIY aesthetic associated with garage music. Definitely one to watch, TINFOILS own their signature garage punk sound whilst standing strong in an often oversaturated, exhausted genre.

TINFOILS have planted their boot heels into the Manchester music scene. The last year of limited live music appeared to prove no challenge to the boys’ creativity. We at SPEW wait with bated breath for their next high energy offering.

You can listen to their new single 'How Do You Sleep At Night’ here

- Amelia Lloyd -


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