Witch Fever - ‘Reincarnate’ - Track Review

Manchester Doom Punks Witch Fever have returned with their new, smouldering anthem ‘Reincarnate’. This track doesn’t fuck about. You’re welcomed by a furious riff courtesy of guitarist Alisha Yarwood, closely followed by Annabelle Joyce’s drums who’s raw momentum persists throughout. The moment that bassist Alex Thompson drops in, I was hooked.

Enter singer Amy Walpole, who’s vicious vocal delivery perfectly frames the themes of post-breakup independence found in her lyrics. Exclaiming,

“You take me, you break me You take me, you break me But now I feel, so alive I left you, and now I thrive”

There’s this underlying sense of triumph found throughout that sits cleverly within the dark instrumentation. You can feel the energy behind every performance as the sonic chaos steadily builds. This tension continually rises until you’re plunged into a breakdown that wouldn’t feel out of place in an Electric Wizard album. A great ending that leaves you craving more.

The track is partnered with a seductive video, directed by Sam O’Leary, that explores womxn’s desires and fetishes. A warehouse setting intercut with uncomfortable shots of Insects, lonely figures and psychedelia makes it a perfect accompaniment to the track.

With their recent signing to Sony Music / Music For Nations, dates supporting IDLES and a plethora of festival slots, Witch Fever are quickly becoming unstoppable. I look forward to seeing what’s next.

-Huw Lloyd-


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